BLE Module - Nordic

Model Dimension (LxWxH) mm Chip Role
MS05 6.00 x 17.20 x 1.65 nRF51822 (Cortex M0) Stand alone chip or Transceiver
MS51822 22.00 x 15.20 x 1.80 nRF51822 (Cortex M0) Stand alone chip or Transceiver
MS8001 33.00 x 23.00 x 3.00 nRF8001 Transceiver
MS8003 22.00 x 15.00 x 1.80 nRF8001 Transceiver
MS8003K 22.00 x 15.00 x 1.80 nRF8002 Stan alone Chip
MS51822 & MS05

The Macrotron's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules are built upon Nordic chips to achieve Bluetooth Core Specifications for Low Energy - Single Mode Design. The MS51822 & MS05 support Nordic SoftDevices S110 or S120 for Slave/Master mode respectively. The MS51822 & MS05 are non-functional modules. Please contact us for more information regarding the module programming.

MS51822 & MS05 modules offer Ultra Low Power Consumption base on it's Cortex M0 CPU. They also work with other proprietary 2.4GHz concurrently.


  • Cortex M0 chip set provides Ultra Low Power Platform
  • Support One Chip Solution by using 51822 as Main Controller or work with other MCU since extra hardware requirements, like Scale or Blood Pressure Application, etc.
  • Nordic PPI (Programmable Peripheral Interconnect) System to save more power
  • Support UART, SPI, TWI, GPIO, etc.
  • Pins Swap Ability, provide simple layoout of Main PCB
  • Built-in 8x 10-bit ADC
  • Support Single Mode "Master" or "Slave" mode
  • Support OTA Firmware Upgrade by DFU
  • Support Nordic Development tools: nRF51822 EK, J-link LITE by simply connecting 4 pads of module: SWDID, SWDCLK, VSS, GND
MS8001 & MS8003

These modules provide bridge communications for various kind of products, like: Blood Pressure Monitor, Weight Scale, Thermometer, etc.

MS8001 & MS8003 provide Low Power Consumption based on Nordic nRF8001 chip.


  • Work with Nordic nRFgo Studio to provide a user friendly development platform
  • Ability to update existing MCU and Code by adding 2K bytes ROM for 8001 library it's generated by nRFgo Studio
  • Short development cycle
  • Built-in DC-DC converter to save 20% Power (option)
  • Difference Connection methods
  • Support Nordic Development kit nRF8001 EV kit